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Radio Emergency Associated
Commmunications Teams

Middle Georgia REACT is a nonprofit organization composed of members interested in radio communications and committed to public service.

Originally, REACT was a group of community volunteers who routinely monitored channel 9 on the Citizens Band (CB) radio service, the channel designated by the FCC for emergencies. These volunteers offered assistance to motorists who needed directions or to relay requests to the appropriate authorities for emergency help.

Over the years, CB radio has changed considerably, and it is no longer the essential tool for mobile communications that it once was. As a result,
REACT has also evolved. Our basic "public service" element is still the same, however, our responsibilities and capabilities have grown to match today's environment.

Today, Middle Georgia
REACT works primarily with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office (BSO) as volunteers in assisting with traffic control, searches and surveillance. REACT members are not sworn law enforcement officers and do not have authority to arrest suspects. REACT members instead function as an additional set of "eyes and ears" for observing suspicious persons or situations and have the capability to communicate directly with the BSO deputies.

For an example of how REACT serves the community, visit the Articles page.


Several members of Middle Georgia REACT were on hand for the Bibb
Sheriff's Office annual Summer Safety Fest/Picnic.
The REACT Mobile
Command Post is in the background.