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(Sep-Oct 2007 Edition)
Note: The REACTer is the official publication of REACT International.

"Middle Georgia REACT Responds
to Tornadoes in Central Georgia"

March 1, 2007

On Thursday, March 1, 2007 , severe thunderstorms moved across Central Georgia , producing several tornadoes that resulted in significant damage in several counties. The National Weather Service would later confirm that at least 14 tornadoes touched down in the Central Georgia area that night.

At least two tornadoes caused fatalities (in Taylor and Sumter Counties), while others caused injuries.

According to survey teams from the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Peachtree City , Georgia , the tornadoes ranged in intensity from EF0 to EF3.

In Crawford county and Bibb county, the tornado track began about 4 miles east of Knoxville and ended about 1 mile east southeast of Lizella, a distance of approximately 8.5 miles. The tornado was rated an EF3 and had a maximum width of a quarter mile.

The heaviest damage occurred along Sandy Point Road in Crawford County, and there were a total on nine injuries.

Middle Georgia REACT members responded immediately and began assisting with directing traffic around roads closed by damage and clearing roads blocked by trees. In all, 17 REACT members put in a combined total of 130 hours.

President Jody Thaxton later said he was proud of the Team’s response and was thankful that Bibb County did not receive damage as severe as Americus in Sumter County . The hospital there was heavily damaged and had to be evacuated; however, the evacuation of patients was significantly complicated by the destruction of the entire ambulance fleet as well as the local Red Cross Chapter’s office.

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